Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver

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500ml amber glass

500ml Amber Glass

The Original All purpose well known amber glass bottle. 16-20ppm silver to assist in eradication of bacteria.
A product that no home should be without!

1000ml Economy Bottle

1000ml Economy Bottle in Blue PET

This economy size is ideal for the whole family, and can save you $$$!

375ml Travel Bottle175ml Extra Strangth Total Body Spray

Travel Pack
combining BOTH

a 375ml  Blue PET Bottle Colloidal Silver


a 175ml Extra Strength Total Body Spray

A genuine travel companion. Those nasty tummy worries! Don't be caught out!
One of our most popular products!

100ml Extra Strength Total Body Spray

100ml Extra Strength Total Body Spray in Blue PET

Another travel companion! Handy purse size! Consider the airborne bacteria during long flights with the congestion of crowded planes...Besides providing a refreshing, cooling mist,  it keeps the air you are breathing free from those nasties! Keep the bacteria away. Always be prepared!

100ml Total Body Lotion

 120ml Total Body Lotion

Finally, the lotion you have requested! Try this gentle delicately-scented natural lotion.

50ml Nasal Spray

50ml Nasal Spray

Colloidal Silver for your nose.....