Allan Sutton 'The Man'

From January 2004 until June 2008 Mr. Allan Sutton was contracted to assist in the manufacture of colloidal silver products for Piersons Pro-Health under the now registered trademark label "Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver".

This trademark identifies a particular '
Brand Name ' wholly owned by Piersons Pro-Health Pty Ltd. Mr. Sutton has had NO connection to this brand name since he chose to secretly align himself and profit from that alignment to another company which manufactured an unrelated brand of colloidal silver.

All land, water rights, all manufacturing plant and equipment were purchased from Mr & Mrs Sutton.

Following the sale:

Allan Sutton ' The Man ' became estranged from his wife when she learnt that Mr. Sutton had been involved in several romantic assignations during their marriage. In fact Mr Sutton's present wife, formerly the wife of one of  Mr Suttons 'good friends' and colleagues, was, along with her husband, in attendance at the former marriage. 

Allan Sutton ' The Man ' while retaining the title and the lucrative remuneration of a Director within the trademarked brand of Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver chose to deceive the owners of the branded products, Piersons Pro-Health, and involve himself in  yet another brand of colloidal silver for yet another company. Having vast 'inside' knowledge of the Piersons' customer database enabled Mr Sutton to travel extensively around the country visiting Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver clients, wholesalers and retailers, to try and convince them this other brand was indeed the new "Suttons" brand and.....all the while receiving his monthly remuneration package from Piersons Pro-Health.  

Allan Sutton ' The Man ' again aligns himself with  yet another colloidal silver business. Were ties severed or is this the behaviour of a recidivist? Again he tries to deceive the Health Industry at large and the general public that this next product is the original Suttons product.

At no time have any of the products bearing  the registered trademark brand "Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver" been unavailable, to either the Health Industry of the general public at large. Suttons Colloidal Solutions has not ceased trading.

This page is dedicated to the word ' TRUST '. In the manufacture of any is the essential.

Since January 2004 Piersons Pro-Health has manufactured and marketed colloidal silver products under the brand name Allan Sutton's original Colloidal Silver. We are proud of these products. We believe these products have set the benchmark in colloidal silver manufacture. Our customers who have remained loyal through all of the deceptions reiterate what TRUST means. Trust in the product and trust is the company which manufactures a quality reliable product.

Sincerely yours


George Franklin
Manufacturer and Director